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Parts List

Headworks Equipment

Rebuild-it Services Group (RSG)
Rebuild Services for Fine Screens, In-Channel Drum Screens, Grit Removal Washers, Compactors, Classifiers
Vulcan Industries
Bar, Stair, Multi-Rake and Spiral Screens Washer Compactors

Secondary Treatment

Atlas Copco
High Speed Turbo, Screw, & Multi-stage Centrifugal Blowers
Low Energy Process Mixing
Excelsior Blower Inc.
Packaged Positive Displacement Blower Systems
H2O Innovation 
Drinking Water, Wastewater, Desalination, Water Reuse, Process Water, & Modular Systems
Leopold - a Xylem brand
Tertiary Filtration, DAF Clarification Sludge Collection, Denitrification
Rebuild-it Services Group (RSG)
Rebuild Services for Oxidation Ditch Aerators & Mixers and Trickling Filters
Philadelphia Mixing Systems
Aeration and Anoxic Mixers
Sanitaire - a Xylem brand
Ultra-Fine, Fine & Coarse Bubble Aeration ABJ – ICEAS Sequencing Batch Reactors, Disc & Strip Membrane Diffusers


Rebuild-it Services Group (RSG)
Turnkey Parts & Rebuild Services for Clarifiers and Clarifier Drives, including Eimco & Dorr-Oliver Drives
​​Walker Process
Clarifiers, Digester Covers, Boilers, and Heat Exchangers

Solids Handling & Energy Recovery

BioGas CNG Landfill and Digester Gas Fueling Stations
Charter Machine Company
Gravity Belt & Belt Filter Presses, formerly Roediger Pittsburgh
Rebuild-it Services Group (RSG) 
Digester Draft Tube Mixers and Thickeners
Philadelphia Mixing Systems
Vertical, Submersible Polymer & Sludge Mixers
Schwing Bioset
Screw Press, Class A Biosolids Process, Piston Pumps, Dryers
Serpentix Conveyor
Creative Belt Conveyor Solutions
Unison Solutions
Digester & Landfill Biogas Conditioning and BioCNG Systems
Varec Bio Gas
Digester Safety Equipment, Waste Gas Burners, Flares
Vulcan Industries
Rotary Drum Thickeners

Chemical Feed & Disinfection

Packaged Dry & Liquid Chemical Feeders
WEDECO - a Xylem brand
Closed Vessel & Open Channel UV and Ozone Systems

Flow Control

Engineered Fluid, Inc.
Packaged Water Pump Stations and Pressure Reducing Stations
Seismic Sensors, Control and Monitoring Systems
Fresno Valves & Castings, Inc.
Check, Control & Flap Valves; Pressure, Flap & Slide Gates
Rotork Controls
Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and Motorized Valve and Gate Actuators
Rodney Hunt
Allis-Chalmers Butterfly Valves & Slide, Sluice, Flap, Bulkhead, Tainter, & Weir Gates

Water Treatment

Tonka Water
Complete Water Treatment Systems
Leopold - a Xylem brand
Media Filtration, DAF Clarification, Sludge Collection, Backwash Water Recovery, Desalination Pretreatment
Rebuild-it Services Group (RSG)
Eimco & Dorr-Oliver Reactor Clarifier, Flocculator, and Mixer Rebuild Services
​Walker Process
Clarifiers, Digester Covers, Boilers, and Heat Exchangers
​WEDECO - a Xylem brand
Closed Vessel & Open Channel UV and Ozone Systems

Odor Control

Biological and Chemical Odor Control, Fume Scrubbers, Emergency Gas Scrubbers, Carbon Adsorbers, Mist Eliminators, Air Strippers, and Degasifiers.


Customized Operations & Maintenance Training
EPIC International
Floating Aerators and Mixers, Archimedean Screw Pumps & Covers